TruthFinder Reviews

TruthFinder Reviews is a new and innovative website that is helping people to search and find long-lost friends and acquaintances. Truthfinder is a relatively new company based in San Diego, California. Anyone who wants thinks of using this site to trace friends, family and acquaintances should get an objective review showing what the site offers, its pros and its cons. In fact finally, this review will give you an honest opinion whether the site is worth your attention.

How to use

Using this site is easy. Upon opening the site users are given a step-by-step navigation to help them get around fast and precisely. To make the search even easier the site gives you the name, birth date, astrological sign, age, and any known aliases are listed when you open a report on someone. Below this information, you get possible pictures of the person for easier identification and confirmation that indeed you are dealing with the right correct person.

That’s not all; the website goes ahead to list relatives of the person and their basic information such as where they live and how old they are. Another feature that adds credence to this website is its ability to come up with the person’s social media links. You will find anything that the person you are looking for has been tagged indirectly on LinkedIn, Google+ Facebook etc.

The level of accuracy of the personal data given by Truthfinder is encouraging and largely trustworthy. However don’t be surprised if you come across some minimal errors such as the current phone number not being captured in the data or the LinkedIn directing you to someone with a similar name and professional credentials. However with a rating of about 80% accuracy, one can safely say the system is quite reliable.

Pricing and Available plans

This service comes at a fee. The pricing is quite straightforward. One can opt to pay $27.78 per month for a monthly subscription. Alternatively one can start with a 3-month subscription at the rate of $23.02 a month but in this case, you have to pay 3 months upfront at a total cost of $69.07. Another good thing that users of this service will notice is that there are no hidden charges or unnecessary trial periods.

Additional information

Other than the basic info about the person you have made a report about, the be website gives you access to additional details like professional licenses, business associates, corporate affiliations, properties owned and more for just $17.47. With this kind of information, it becomes even easier and faster to track your friend.

Canceling Truthfinder Account

Once you are done with this account and you want to save your money by not paying for a service you no longer need the process is easy fast and reliable. Under your account/membership settings, you get the option to cancel your subscription online. But you will have to resist the temptation of continuing with the subscription courtesy of the discounted rate they will offer you to continue with the account.


  • Adequate information to help you trace the person you are looking for
  • Information is well organized and easy to find
  • The navigation menu helps you get where you want expeditiously.
  • Provides social media links showing profile picture, user IDs etc.
  • The search produces information that can date back many years.


  • Users might have to bear with a few incorrect links to social media platforms as well as inaccurate or missing phone and email records.

In conclusion, this seems to be a good option for anyone who is looking for a reliable, accurate and easy to use the website to assist in tracing long-lost friends and acquaintances. The cost is not scaring given the amount of information you can get from the website.