Seekverify Review

Seekverify Review is basically an online podium facilitating background checks and functions as a Platinum Data Verifi LLC platinum trademark. On 2nd February 2016, it was privately registered. Since then it has gone a long way to not only enabling efficient background finding checks but also promoting personal security. It has actively enhanced the background checking functions by putting together information from billions of public records. On receiving this information, it goes ahead to uncover search results about criminal records, bankruptcy information, social profiles and helps in reconnecting people who have lost contacts.

Seekverify is able to efficiently carry out its mandate because of

Ready reports

Seekverify operates by compiling a lot of public records. These records are estimated to be around 12 billion. With the help of these public reports, is able to unearth information about, nearby sex offenders, criminal information, financial information, someone digital footprint, just to list a few. However, is restricted to independent search investigations and cannot be utilized for credit, professional and insurance tasks. This means you can never use it for employment purposes, professional evaluation reports and credit screening. Nevertheless, for more detailed and reliable search results, you can upgrade your membership plan to access premium reports.

Affordability is relatively cheap. A one-day trial will cost you $1, but the benefits will be overwhelming. For those wishing to subscribe to a monthly program, payment of $39.95 will do you enough good.

Easy to operate

One great benefit of this online platform is its user-friendly nature. Seekverify has a straightforward general layout. It contains a centrally placed search box, a couple successful reports, precise animated video on how it works, summary of the services it provides and some customer testimonials. These features make it easier for users to make use of it regardless of being a newbie

Additional features

Seekverify contains one additional and significant feature. This is a Reverse Phone Search, which allows a user to track down the owner of a specific phone number by simply plugging in the number in question.

Availability of Premium reports

Once in a while, you will need access to additional information. It will only be possible upon upgrading your membership plan to access premium reports. Unfortunately, there has been an instance when the much-needed additional information is not provided, once you upgrade.


Despite having reduced entries, has a reliable website by the name Crimebusters. The blog contains several tips, case studies, and articles in the field of background checking. Furthermore, they provide free useful affiliate program to online businesses determined to earn commissions through advertising services. Lest you forget, this online platform has been uniquely designed for carrying out background checks.


Being one of the most recent players in the field of background checking, has gained a substantial market share. It provides users with a user-friendly platform, complemented with a large database of records, membership options, advanced search results and a chance to buy more detailed search results. You will also be in for timely alerts when new information about initial search result is uncovered. Precisely, guarantees its users above average background checking services.