Instant Checkmate Review

Instant Checkmate Review

Instant Checkmate is an online search engine that can be used to find useful and detailed information about people. Information that can be acquired from the site is such as an individual’s detailed background, address, phone number, social security number, arrest records and professional licenses among others.

In order to accomplish its goals, instant checkmate avers to collect public records from various states and compile this data into useful information. According to them, other sources of this information include federal and state database systems. The compilation results into an easy-to-understand report that contains over thirty non-identical data points. In doing so, the site helps you find almost anyone just by typing in a few keywords such as the first or second name.

Advantages of using

Based on in-depth research conducted on this site, here are a couple of advantages of using instant checkmate.

1. A very easy and user-friendly customer interface
There is no user who wants a complicated and time-consuming client interface. Instant checkmate offers a very friendly user interface that can be understood by pretty much anyone. This includes even those with a very basic educational background.

2. Affordable and eco-friendly payment plan
If the instant checkmate’s pay plan is compared to the kind of services they render, it is easily notable that the billing of these services is quite cheap.

3. Real-time results.
Instant checkmate offers real-time results. What exactly is meant by this? This means that once on their official website, once a client fills the basic form that should give the search criteria, a single click gives very many relevant data points.

4. Online and fully-functional customer support system
Apart from this site being fast, the site has an online support system in place that allows a client to contact the site’s host and get the relevant help needed.

5. Unlimited order of standard reports for any subscription package.
This is pretty basic. As long as you are a member under any subscription package, you can order an unlimited number of standard reports. Some of the items that are included in a standard report provided from instant checkmate include the following:

  • Official names as registered on the official identification card.
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone number.
  • Addresses (both previous and current).
  • Arrest records etc.

Does this site really work? Well, just before we look into whether instant checkmate is legit or a scam, let’s first look at its pricing policy.

Pricing Policy
For the services rendered by this site, here are the charges incurred:

  • A 5-day trial at a standard 1 dollar fee.
  • 1-month membership subscription fee of 22.86 dollars per month.
  • 3-months membership subscription fee of 14.86 dollars per month.
  • 6-months membership subscription fee of 9.86 dollars per month.
  • Premium services charged at 19.99 dollars each.
  • A 1.99 dollars one-time fee for PDF.

For each and every subscription package, the company offers a client an unlimited order of standard reports and an extra cost is only incurred for premium services.


Instant checkmates, though not common to many, is definitely the search engine to visit when looking to perform a relevant search. It is very reliable and performs an in-depth search on the subject.
Furthermore, instant checkmate has received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.