Beenverified Review

Beenverified Review

With the current advancement in technology, it is very likely to find details on someone independent of their geographical location. It was with this same goal in mind that was built. The main reason behind the development of Been Verified is to give folks very easy and much affordable access to public records. This has been achieved by the accumulation of comprehensive details on peoples’ addresses, social media profiles, phone numbers and even their criminal backgrounds. This data is then compiled into useful information that is then presented to the public at an eco-friendly fee. Operating technique

Basically, Been Verified combines all related data acquired from public database systems and compiles all these into a single report that Is then provided to its members at a fee.

Some of the uses of include the following:

  • Find a long-lost lover, friend or relatives.
  • Run a check on prospected roommates.
  • Verify information about an online friend.
  • Confirm/locate an individual’s address.
  • Run a check on online buyers and sellers among many more.

However, the use of in some instances is considered a malpractice or misuse of the site. Examples of such cases include the following:

  • Uncover information on FCRA records.
  • Screen or verify tenants.
  • Verify employers and employees.
  • Verify an individual’s eligibility for loans or mortgage.

At the moment, is only applicable to Us-based individuals. Another important point to note is that any search done using Been Verified is anonymous. This means that individuals or people searched through the site are not prompted at all

Been Verified Payment Plan

Been Verified offers three subscription packages to any client who is looking to register as a member with them. The options given are:

Moderate User
Monthly subscription at 19.62 dollars standard charge per month.

A 3-months subscription charged as a one-time fee of 44.62 dollars.

Power User
A 6-months subscription charged as a one-time fee of 59.62 dollars.

With any subscription package, Been Verified automatically renews your subscription unless one opts out. Also, note that Been Verified offers its member with an unlimited number of standard reports independent of their subscription package or payment plan.


There are a number of data brokers online, with Been Verified being one of them. All online data brokers simple combine all related data, that can be found elsewhere on the internet for free, and then compile this into one comprehensive report. This report is then availed to the members at a fee.

There are a couple of complaints that were stumbled upon related to this site. A couple of individuals claimed to have performed a trial on the site that failed terribly. They claimed to have performed a comprehensive search of individuals with prior criminal records but could not come up with the expected results. In a number of occasions, complaints have been lodged by individuals who claim to have performed background searches on themselves without satisfactory results.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that is the perfect site when looking to search pretty basic information about an individual. It is perfect for determining an individual’s last known address and phone number among other basic details.